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There are far too many things in life we hate that we do 100 times and more - talk to customer service people, pay council tax, fall up the stairs...let's face it though, there are really not enough things we do that we love 100 times or more. We're fortunate in that respect, we've now put out 100 (count 'em) CDs of music we love, and we're rather chuffed about it. Are we gonna shout about it? You bet your aaasssss.

Sadly we won't be getting a letter from the Queen. We looked into it, and apparently it doesn't work like that, so instead we're marking our entry into the super-exclusive centenarian club by chatting with some of our favourites from over the years, plus giving away the usual bouquet of free tunes. What's that sound? Yep, that's our own trumpet - sorry, we'll try and keep it down.

PS. Sorry, we know it's March - but there are far too few days in the month of February. The March newsletter is in the process of being put together, and it's a gem too...soon come.


The Autonomic sound is music first, drum & bass second. The people behind it are not setting out to make a drum & bass track; they are setting out simply to make music, producing compositions that are emotionally charged, personally edifying and organic. This is a million miles from the music-by-numbers churned out by so many of today’s producers; this is lovingly crafted with integrity, with vision and without the limitations of genre or style that so many artists impose on themselves.  And with the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Kyle Hall and Zomby lined up to release on Instra:mental’s NonPlus+ label in 2010, it’s fair to say that the trio are far from losing pace – they’re only just getting started.


After a year of server-crashing Autonomic podcasts- that have shown an overwhelming thirst around the world for drum & bass that does not conform to any institutionalised boundaries - dBridge & Instra:mental have mixed FABRICLIVE 50. The mix is a dreamlike collection of beat explorations and electronic soundscapes all tenderly woven into 90 minutes; a treasure of a disc that reveals more edifying details with each listen. Beautifully imaginative and colourful.


As dBridge says: “We wanted the fabric CD to be like the best podcast we’ve ever done. That was our aim. When we were asked to do it, we approached all the people making music we love, and asked them to write us something special for the CD. Distance, Scuba, Genotype, myself and Instra:mental all did it. It’s a great collection of music, harmonically it all works together; and as much as we have different styles, you’d be surprised what tunes stick together just from being in key. We wanted to showcase what it is that we’re doing, and what the sound is capable of.”


As Autonomic marks our big three digits, 100 releases deep and counting, now seems a more fitting time than ever to get lost in remembrance. There’s something about big lofty landmarks that makes even the toughest skin feel a little supple. So we turned to some of our label artists from over the years (those softies) and asked them – what fabric mix did you fall in love with most?

fabric 13 - Michael Mayer
“I must admit I'm not a very heavy listener of mixed CDs...Especially "club mixes". Maybe they remind me of work, maybe I need to "be in a club" to hear "club music", who knows... The ones that I notice are, first, the ones that make me discover individual tracks. This one did. But it stuck to me "as a mix", a rare thing. I still listen to it once in a while actually; it reminds me of great times for music. I'm pretty sure that it did so because it was, and still is, totally personal and sincere. And these qualities, as we all know, are the first needed by a good record.”
FABRICLIVE 07: John Peel

“My favourite Fabric album would have to be John Peel’s. Aside from it being a fantastically eclectic selection of music, I know exactly how much heart and soul he put into it as he came down to my studio to record it. I’d still say that the way that album starts is one of the best openers to a mix album ever.”

FABRICLIVE 01: James Lavelle
“James Lavelle's is amazing, such a monumental mix that goes from genre to genre with ease. So many classic tracks on there. We were recently doing a sound check at a venue and the sound guys were playing the mix. It sounded amazing and each time I knew what the next track coming in would be, it really took me back.”

fabric 01: Craig Richards

“Craig Richards’ mix just sums up what fabric was to me when I first started going to the club. We went down once a month after our mates’ night and caught the last 4 hours. Fabric was always about Sunday mornings and no one does Sunday morning better than Craig Richards.”

FABRICLIVE 09: Jacques Lu Cont &
FABRICLIVE 07: John Peel

“It's hard for me to choose a favourite, and I like these probably both for the same reason. They were just not like any DJ mixes I had ever heard before. They were fun and risk taking, made by two people for whom risk taking was, and is, pretty much what makes them who they are. I was a massive Les Rhythmes Digitales fan, and used to go and see Stuart DJ at fabric whenever I could. This mix still sounds amazing now, it's pretty camp and I know some people feel tracks like ‘Abracadabra’ by Steve Miller band have no place on a dance mix, but it’s this sort of daring combination of tunes that makes it stand out. Any mix that has tracks by Devo, Eurythmics, Pixies and Brian Eno can only be a very good thing. When fabric booked John Peel to DJ I just fell in love with the club, it just showed how irreverent and daring they were, much like the great man himself. The CD is incredible, a totally unique insight into the mind of a true legend.”
fabric 01: Craig Richards

"Craig's first mix. The beginning of a beautiful future."
fabric 13: Michael Mayer

“My favourite fabric CD is no. 13 from Michael Mayer, hands down. It's an unbeatable lesson in sequencing, melody, emotion and groove that I've listened to many many times and never seem to tire of. We need more DJs like him, and more mixes like this.”
FABRICLIVE 07: John Peel

“I say it’s got to be John Peel! As a hero to the youth of Britain in the 1980s and 1990's for his radio show, he introduced me to: punk, ska, ivor cutler, ambient, new wave, death metal, and even some great techno . The Asa Chang and Junray intro is one of my all time favourite tracks and John, the inspiration to a whole generation of British music makers…sadly missed.”
fabric 01: Craig Richards

My favorite fabric mix CD is by far the number one, Craig Richards. He is an amazing DJ, with great musical insight and a vibe to match. This CD was on repeat for 2 years, so for sure it has to be my favorite! After seeing Craig play live, I can hardly think of him playing for 5 hours or less :) So it’s amazing he was able to cram this fabulous mix.


With a plethora of varied experience in the art world, ranging from street art to successful commercial-edged work (for the likes of Adidas, Levi’s, Puma, Xbox, Addict, Lovebox, Sega), graffiti don Inkie is one of the most definitive artists in the UK landscape. His intricate work is instantly recognisable, with a style that no one else can quite touch. In 1989, he won 2nd place in the World Street Art championship…over 20 years later, he’s built a vivacious, luminous career that whirs around secrecy, the underground, the overground (painting live canvases on tour with Jade Jagger), an insatiable hunger for art (keep up to speed with his latest project, Secret Wars) – and challenging barriers every step of the way. After peeping his latest gem, ‘Love Is The Message,' we decided to check in with the wild-styled brain and find out more.

And be sure to check out the incredible prints on his website www.inkie.bigcartel.com

How would you describe your art, to the uneducated?
Part purest wildstyle, part the movement of natural beauty.

How did you get into art? 
I was very lucky my dad is an architect - I couldn’t avoid it!

Can you give us a little insight into your techniques?
Some seriously anal OCD shit helps.

Who are your influences - be it musicians, filmmakers, artists, authors, philosophers, etc?
Burnes-Jones / William Morris / Joe Strummer / Jello Biafra / Dondi White / Seen / Pride (TCA) / Leonardo / Timothy Leary / Ian Gibson / Ancient Mayans, Dorian Grey and the Georgian population of Bristol...

What musicians/labels have you worked with?
Bomb the Bass / Massive Attack / Roni Size / Wild Geese / Rob Mello and all the underground heroes...

And outside of music?
SEGA / Xbox / Jade Jagger / Cartier / Adidas / Puma / Addict and too many others…

When you listen to music, do you picture it visually? And vice versa - do you ever attribute songs to things you see?
To be honest, I listen to music as a sideline to art and usually let my mind drift off on separate part, but do like to draw with headphones on...

Tell us a little story behind your ‘Love Is The Message’ print…
It is based on an old funk tune called 'Love is the Message' that was played by Wild Bunch & FBI crew back in the days in Bristol circa 1985.

Any upcoming exhibitions you’d recommend?
Case at Signal Gallery....

Have you ever been to fabric?
Of course, I still get lost there. Love the spot on the shelf where you can catch the lasers....

COMPETITION TIME: Inkie has been kind enough to donate one copy of his 'Love Is The Message' print to you good people. Email hotdesk@fabriclondon.com with 'Ink Me' in the subject.

As fabricfirst members, it’s probably safe to say that music is your biggest love: you probably go out far too much, and refuse to take your headphones off, not even in the bath. But love hurts apparently. Fall in love and your heart gets broken. Self love and you go blind. Love music and you’ll go deaf. Why is it everything great about life must come with a caveat?  So when we recently stumbled across the lovely family at Audio Relief – big cheeses in the ear drum protection racket – they healed our shaken faith in the power of love - there is a safer way to enjoy music as it should be hear: loud.  We spoke to them about hooking your good selves up and they agreed that genuine music lovers deserve a break, so they’ve offered fabricfirst members a juicy discount of 10% off any order made. An offer so generous, it warms the very cockles of our hearts.

Click over to www.audiorelief.co.uk and check it all out. Your passcode will be ‘FAB10’ – and you will need to verify you’re a fabricfirst member with your silver cards.


Get yourself down to the club on the first weekend of March and be a part of the big disco love-in. We’re rolling right through from 11pm Saturday 6 March till 6am Monday 8 March – time to prove your stamina.  The truly monumental squadron of artists on show across the duration of the 30 hour-plus rave include Ellen Alien, Konrad Black, Radio Slave, SethTroxler, Trus’me amongst many, many others. Get your tickets asap, with your special discounted prices below.

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Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Antal (Rush Hour), Chez Damier, Dave Clarke, Dinky (LIVE), Ellen Allien, Gadi (Wolf & Lamb), Keith Worthy, Konrad Black, Onur Özer, Patrice Scott, Radio Slave, Renato Cohen, Sans Proper (Rush Hour), Seth Troxler, Seuil (LIVE), Soul Clap (Wolf & Lamb), Thomas Mueller (LIVE), Trus'me (D3K)


The good folks over at the ever-excellent BLOC Weekend are offering you fabricfirsters a very special chance to win tickets to the big event next weekend. Always a highlight of the electronic music calendar, this year bonafide legends like Grandmaster Flash, Model 500 and Salt n Pepa will join fabric favourites dBridge & Instramental, Ellen Allien, Omar S and Adam Beyer…the lineup’s so ridiculous we get a bit lightheaded and weak in the knees looking it over (and no, that’s not because of an iron deficiency). Click on through to their website to get an idea of just how big it is. And for the record - nothing is more epic than a day on Butlins’ waterslides.

Two lucky winners will each receive festival passes, and 3 nights’ accommodation in a 2 berth apartment…that’s right, you can bring a friend to join in the fun too.

To enter, just answer this simple question: Radioactive Man is headlining the Fenchurch Arena at BLOC 2010. What was the name of his last album? Hurry and email your answer to hotdesk@fabriclondon.com with "BLOC comp" in the subject before this Thursday.


FABRICLIVE 50: dBridge & Instra:mental 30 minute promo mix
This is quite simply an education in the futurist direction of drum & bass from the scene’s most potent innovators. With their album for us out on Monday, this is something of an appetizer with plenty of their own material plus bits from crew Skream, Consequence, ASC and Vaccine – sublime.


Clement Meyer fabric promo mix
Since 2007, six French virtuosos have been providing lovers of the 'seriously twisted, mind-warping 4x4 house and techno’ variety with a solid axel of musical richness and diversity in the form of their blog, Getthecurse. Clement Meyer (Co-Founder and passionate blogger) kindly recorded us this exclusive promo mix as a taster to one of his incredible sets, which includes a track off his forthcoming ‘Midnight Madness EP’.


Kingdom FABRICLIVE promo mix
Here, one of Fool's Gold's most tantalizing prospects, Kingdom, dropped this nugget of gold for us with music from Cooly G, Roska, Bok Bok and plenty of his own work. Marvellous.


Appleblim Applepips/FABRICLIVE promo mix
Applepips boss Appleblim drops a whole heap of bass on this mix, with elements of dubstep, house, funky and techno all combining -  standout cuts come from the likes of Joe, Scuba, Greena and Al Tourettes – a perfect introduction to one of bass music’s most vaunted imprints.


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